Treasures of Art Nouveau - II

Castel Beranger is a rare architectural treasure throughout: check out this Hippocampus creature, for example! -

(images credit: Umberto Luparelli)

The entrance is also a classic... allowing a delicate play of light:

(images via 1, 2)

Inside Castel Beranger, 14 Rue Fontaine:

(image credit: postpanglossian)

Another house by Hector is this fairy-tale cottage:

"Hector Guimard, meanwhile, pushed the use of parts of trees, flowers, stems and roots to the pinnacle during the Golden Age of Art Nouveau. Guimard was said to have been committed to total interior design, with his talents extending from wrought iron entrance gates to wallpaper patterns and from fire places to side chats. He even used the style to craft papier mache ceiling decorations"

Beautiful Art Nouveau works by other artists

Emile Galle's "Dragonfly" stool, 1898 and other furniture by "Ecole de Nancy":

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