Cool Moving Pictures - Cinemagraphs

Showcasing cool moving pictures (gifs) or cinemagraphs by New York photographer Jamie Beck. We found these pictures to be slightly creepy and reminded us of those moving photographs in Harry Potter. Enjoy!

Note: If you are on a slow internet connection, it may take a while for these photos to move.

15 Unusual Notebooks

KisKut.blogspot.com1.Piano Notebook.

KisKut.blogspot.com2.Triangle Notebook.

KisKut.blogspot.com3.Sliced Bread Notebook.

KisKut.blogspot.com4.Play More Notebook.

KisKut.blogspot.com5.Gun Notepad.


KisKut.blogspot.com7.Walls Notebook.

KisKut.blogspot.com8.Ceramic Notepad.

KisKut.blogspot.com9.Napkin Notebook.

KisKut.blogspot.com10.Armed Notebooks.

KisKut.blogspot.com11.Web Design Notebook.

KisKut.blogspot.com12.VHS Notebook.
13.Chocolate Notepad.

KisKut.blogspot.com14.T-Shirt Sketchbook.

KisKut.blogspot.com15.Waterproof Notepad.